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    An erection is simply a marvelous thing. An otherwise limp part of a man’s body is stimulated by sight, or smell, or the sensation of touch, and blood flows into veins causing something soft to become hard, something limp to become rigid. And once hard, there are so many nice things that can be done with it. It becomes useful for both pleasure and procreation.

    We may with some degree of regularity see others men’s penises and balls and readily see the differences in size, curve, cut or uncut, shaved or au natural. It is rare that we would know what they would look like in a state of excitation. So here we get to admire God’s marvelous handiwork and compare. In this gallery we will see beg erections, and small; erections that kind of hang down, others that stand proud at a forty-five or more degree angle, and other fine specimens that stand so tall they touch the stomach of the proud owner.


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Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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