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    Young Man Masturbating.

    I believe that Christian men everywhere should feel free to enjoy more masturbation, not less, and do so with no sense of shame, or guilt, and especially with no overshadowing of it being “sin.” No, we should both enjoy more masturbation, and enjoy masturbation more. It is a freely given gift of our great God. He made us, created us with hand and penis in delightfully close proximity, gave us the potential for pleasure when one is applied to the other, and rejoices when we enjoy the delights of the act.

    Intimate Sacred Pleasure

    This is intimate, private, sacred pleasure. And when you see a young man with hand or toy on erection, stroking in pleasure and anticipation of release, you see what is very rarely seen for this is a man in his most private moment of self affirmation, personal pleasuring, and vulnerability. So should you decide to click on the link below it is with a sense of the awe and joy of the moment that I share with you the sheer beauty of the pictures, and photos and videos on the More Masturbation Gallery page.

    No, this is not “porn,” this is simple celebration of one of God’s great gifts to mankind, a gift to be freely and fully enjoyed. Enjoy the sacredness of these very private moments. A man alone, enjoying the delights of being male, and savoring the gift of sexual pleasure just as God intended.

    Strokers and Jerkers

    There may be as many ways of stroking one out as there are men who masturbate, but there are a few standard procedures. First, some are strokers while others are jerkers. The strokers massage their penis from the base, up the shaft, to the end of the head and back down . . . over and over again until orgasm. The jerkers grab their cock mid-shaft and move the skin up and down with short jerking movements, sometimes rapidly, with the same results. Some hump their pillows or slide their cock along their bed-sheets. And of course the shower or bath with its ready supply of lubricating soap is a favorite place.

    Among the strokers there are more and more of us using toys of one kind or another. My own collection includes the now famous Fleshlight, and the Tenga Flip-Hole and Tenga Eggs, as well as several others. Some years ago I even bought the Cadillac of all masturbators, a Venus 2000. It provides totally automated masturbation. Just lay back and let it stroke you, fast or slow, until the inevitable conclusion. But the easiest and cheapest of them all is the Tenga Egg. Costing only about $10 this delightful little toy is discrete, easy to hide, simple to use, and provides wonderful sensations. The soft smooth polymer coupled with the delightful interior texture and just the right amount of lubrication has provided me with many a memorable moment.

    For a more complete look at this topic I invite you to visit the Christians and Solo Sex website.


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    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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