• Oops!

    Male Oops.

    You don’t get to see many really inspiring “Oops!” among men, at least not as compared to women. It doesn't happen often but it can be amusing when it does. Soemtimes a man wearing shorts sits down and you get a peek of his underwear, or more. Or he gets a boner when he least wants one. How I remember the days in High School when my penis seemed to have a mind of his own and I got a stiffy at the most inconvenient moments.

    Other than the occasional inconvenient erection, the most “oops” I have ever experienced has been when my zipper was down, which could have been a bit more ambarassing back in the days when I used to go commando!

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    Male Oops.

    Male Oops.

    Male Oops.



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