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    PreCum Contains Sperm.

    Betweeen arousal and ejaculation most of us have a flow of pre-cum from our erection, and sometimes even before we get hard. And there are times if we have been erect and did not ejaculate when we will find ourselves moist, especially if aroused for any period of time.

    One purpose of this fluid is to provide some extra lubrication for a wife’s vagina during intercourse. It also adds to whatever lube we are using during masturbation. It can also add some lubrication to the inside of a condom thus increasing sensitivity during sex. And it serves as an early warning system for our spouse; she knows we are really getting excited and ready for coitus when we are flowing heavily. As an indicator of the state of our arousal, this is a beautiful thing.

    If you are trying to avoid pregnancy it is good to remember that while there is a lower presence of sperm in pre-cum, it is present. But if pregnancy is desired, since pre-cum is a good acid neutralizer, it is effective at preparing the vagina for the higher concentration of sperm that will arrive when a man has his climax.


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