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    Male See Thru.

    When the light comes streaming through a young lady’s dress, I am enthralled with the beauty and grace of her feminine form. When it does the same thing with a young man’s shorts, I am usually amused at his accidental exposure.

    Not that the male form does not have a beauty all its own. It does. Our genitals are marvelously formed and divinely shaped. They just do not inspire me at the same level as a young woman’s long slim legs or delightful breasts. Thank God.

    But, I am a man, very attracted to women. Women would, I imagine, feel differently about it. A man usually enjoys seeing a woman in something see thru. How does a wife feel when she sees her husband dressed in underwear designed more to expose rather than conceal the family jewels? Men are understood to be more visually stimulated than women, but hopefully some women are able to enjoy the view whether the “see thru” is accidental, or intentional.

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    Male See Thru.

    SMale ee Thru.

    Male See Thru.


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