• The Splendor of Semen

    PreCum Contains Sperm.

    Not to be gross but our bodies are, for the most part, factories of filth. Every day we produce urine and feces. We shed thousands of skin cells per minute. We fart, we burp, and sometimes we spit. But on the other hand men also ejaculate, and women lactate.

    The one really good thing the male body produces is the beautiful white fluid known as semen. We men are mobile semen factories. Of everything that comes from our body it is the most pure, the most productive, and the most pleasurable in its release.

    Daily Semen Production

    All day long our bodies work producing semen. And all day long, with no small degree of delight, we anticipate the moment of release. God has ordained its most pleasurable release within the context of holy matrimony, in the most sacred physical act of making love, when our penis is in the warm embrace of our wife’s vagina. And through its release we enjoy the blessings of family. No sex, no semen; no semen, no children. Who but God could have thought of such a marvellous plan?

    Physiology of Semen

    The physiology of semen is quite simple. A man ejaculates at about 20mph. About 300 million sperm are released in an ejaculation. God so designed it that contained within those few teaspoons of pure white fluid is the pattern for everything we are and what our genetic contribution to all our offspring will be. It contains instructions for blue eyes or brown, short or tall, brilliant or less so. We pass on our ethnicity, our linage, our genetic heritage.

    Penis Memory Stick.

    And thank God we are not limited to marital sex to enjoy the pleasure of stimulation and release. We can be excited by any number of things, have fun with our erection, and delight in the private moment of ejaculation when spurts of that glorious thick white fluid spurt from our stiff cock. It is a magnificent thing to delight in our stiffness, take joy in our stroking, and marvel in the wonder of our cumming. Being a man is a glorious and wonderful thing.

    Male and Female Production

    When semen is released during the joy of marital lovemaking it is a moment of great delight and comfort for both husband and wife. And when it results in conception this is man cooperating with God in the process of creation.

    Breast milk is the most wonderful thing a woman’s body produces, the pure white fluid with which a newborn is fed and comforted. This is woman cooperating with God in nurturing what her intimate embrace with her husband created.

    Interesting that both are fluids, both are white. Perhaps this speaks to the purity of both the process and the product. Both are equally marvellous.

    The Marvel of the Process

    This is the method God made, this is the process He designed, and this is the substance He chose. Our continual build-up of semen and the recurring desire to release it is not a curse. It is not a source of continual temptation. It is a frequent opportunity for orgasmic blessing, either spousal or solo. All of this is His idea, and it is a blessing.

    A man gets aroused. His wife comes to him with romance in mind, and by touch and by sight by he is stimulated until he became erect and ready for lovemaking. Or need, urgency or some other marvellous thing excites him and he is soon ready for release.

    The Magnificence of the Pleasure

    This hard erection was stimulated by intercourse, or manual stimulation. Pleasure mounted until at a crucial moment an inner switch was tripped, muscles contracted rhythmically, and hot white semen travelled from the scrotum, up the urethra and spurted from the end of the man’s throbbing cock in streams of pleasure and body shaking delight. This is pleasure so powerful as to be transformative.

    The Miracle of the Product

    You may see the flow of pure white sperm filled semen as the product. Or the product may be the pleasure, or the progeny. For sure there is a profound sense of not just release but also of well being through the flood of endorphins. And several times during this man’s life one of the billions of sperm swimming in his splendid semen made the long race from testicles to ovary and the miracle of conception occurred. One of the beauties of our existence is that each of are here because one man, our father, got an erection, experienced stimulation, had an orgasm, ejaculated in our mother’s vagina, and the sperm that created us made that journey of destiny.

    So when you see a man ejaculate there is much in which to rejoice. That moment when he climaxes is indeed a marvellous work and a wonder. That is why I see it as a thing of beauty and a joy to behold.

    As stated on the Ejaculation page, the Bible even describes loins full of pure white semen as a blessing from God! Prior to arousal and ejaculation it provides us with the delight of heightened sexual awareness, interest and attention. During its release we experience spasms of Earth's most potent pleasure. And following a man's climax, if his seed is deposited in his wife's moist, warm vagina and travels to her fertile womb, there is the potential for procreation. Semen is simply one of Earth's most amazing God given substances!

    One dies in full prosperity,
    being wholly at ease and secure,

    his loins full of milk
    and the marrow of his bones moist. Job 21:23-24 NRSV

    Scoop on Semen.


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