• Enough of the Guilt Already!

    The guilt must stop!

    Men are made to feel guilty because they notice a pretty lady, and take a second look. We are made to feel guilty because we enjoy the look of boobs and butts. And we are made to feel guilty because, when stimulated, we sometimes masturbate.

    In short, men are made to feel guilty for being men!


    I looked.

    I enjoyed the view.

    I must be a sex-crazed lust-filled degenerate.

    None of this guilt is necessary. God made us the way we are and although some women and church leaders declare it is not good, God does not agree. Being a man - a natural, sexual, hormonally motivated man – is a good thing, a very good thing. Having a penis and balls is a marvelous thing. Having a strong sex drive is a blessing, not a curse. Wanting to have sex with our wives on a regular basis is wonderful. And masturbating when she is not available is a great gift from God. It is even more of a blessing if we are not married.

    Seeing our sexuality as “Every Man’s Struggle” does not reflect the mind of God. It is time we moved from the “Every Man’s Struggle” mentality to the “Every Man’s Blessing” mindset. It is time to celebrate being male.

    The biggest thing that makes men feel bad about being men is the issue of lust. But as you read in the essay on that topic, most of the time what we are experiencing is not lust. It is simply the joy of being male. If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to read that article. It will set you free and cause your heart to rejoice. Your penis will thank you.

    A Wonderful Gift from God

    Ironic, isn’t it.
    The thing about which
    most Christian men feel
    the guiltiest is actually one
    of God’s greatest gifts.

    Our sexuality is a wonderful gift from God. The way we are wired is designed by Him. It is a blessing and not a curse. The beauty of the women around us lightens our heart and enlivens our day. When we notice a pretty face we see the beauty of the Lord. When we notice a cute behind or a lovely pair of breasts we are not being sordid, we are joining our hearts with the heart of the Father who gave us the ability to enjoy what we see in a way that most women will never fully realize. Again, this is not a curse, not a test of endurance, not a trial-by-fire, or an invitation to lust. It is simple beauty and pure delight and our delighting gladdens the heart of our God.

    Ironic, isn’t it. The thing about which most Christian men feel the guiltiest is actually one of God’s greatest gifts.

    Embracing the Gift Brings Us Closer to God

    With the death of unnecessary guilt at being male, with the decision to celebrate and not curse our sexuality, and the decision to embrace the gift of masturbation something marvelous happens. Our relationship with God improves, immeasurably. There is a song in our heart, a spring in our step, and our time in the Word and Prayer becomes a delight of rejoicing in God’s goodness rather than always repenting for being human. Our family life improves. We become better functioning employers and employees. Church life becomes more of a delight. We are more relaxed among the women with whom we associate. If porn had any hold on us, that power is broken. We feel better about our Christian walk and our desire to evangelize increases.

    Let the godly men celebrate being men, and let God arise among us. Amen.


    I Love My Penis.
It is a Gift from God.


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