• Masturbation in Marriage

    In a church culture where a highly romanticised version of spousal intimacy is often promoted, married men and women sometimes need to be assured that their masturbation habits are legitimate, and a God ordained blessing. This is especially true when their love life falls short of the ideal.

    Spousal Masturbation

    In a church culture where a highly
    romanticised version of spousal intimacy
    is often promoted, married men and women
    sometimes need to be assured that
    their masturbation habits are legitimate,
    and a God ordained blessing.

    A man comes home, tired from a long day at work dealing with many stresses and the demands of the work-a-day world. He would love to have some sensual pleasure, but just does not feel up to the energy it would take to initiate, never mind satisfy his wife. His wife this evening is not as tired, but neither does she feel a need for sexual pleasure and satisfaction. And she does not want to have sex. But she does have a plan.

    At bedtime they undress, she tells him to lie on their bed, and she brings the bottle of lotion. He knows what is coming and at the anticipation his cock immediately becomes erect. Masturbation in Marriage. As he lies on his back she kneels between his legs and begins to minister to him. As she caresses his thighs his cock throbs with excitement. She cups his balls, fondling them just the way she knows he most enjoys, and he arches his back in pleasure. She slowly caresses his cock, from base to head and back down, and even suckles the head in her mouth for a moment. After stroking him for several moments she reaches for the lotion and warms it in her hands. Then she begins in earnest. “Just lie back, close your eyes if you want, or watch as my hands stroke your cock.” He chooses to watch and he delights in each stroke, both seeing and feeling his mounting pleasure. She continues to fondle his balls as she strokes, and even lets her fingers wander close to his anus, in an area of particular sensitivity for him. As he inches closer and closer to climax he lets his whole body relax, letting her do all the work until that moment arises and he can feel the pleasure not just in his cock and balls but from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. He passes the point of no return and wonderful white semen spurts from his cock and she strokes until he is empty, satisfied, and spent. No wonder he adores this woman so much. Spousal masturbation can be a great delight.

    Mutual Masturbation

    There is nothing to be compared to making love in marriage; two lovers becoming one in body, soul and spirit. But sometimes a bit of variety can add to the spousal sex life. Masturbation is sometime most often done alone. But for a married couple to masturbate in front of each other, while watching each other, can be powerfully erotic.

    And just as in the first scenario where the wife ministered a loving hand-job to her husband, masturbating each other either as foreplay or to completion can be a delightful experience.

    Long Distance Mutual Masturbation

    Masturbation in Marriage.

    He is away for a business trip, or gone to a church conference. He calls home to say good night. She inquires as to how he is doing. The kids are in bed, she has retired for the night, and they have not had sexual contact for several days. She says, “Do you want to?” He knows exactly what she means and of course he does. They begin to touch themselves, describing to each other what they are doing and what they imagine themselves doing to the other. “Stroke it baby” she tells him. “I want to see that hard cock of yours explode all over your wonderful body.” The forbidden-ness of what they are doing excites them even further. They feel separated yet together, and sharing their private pleasures with each other strengthens their bonds in a way like no other. Mutual masturbation has a wonderful place in marriage.

    Solo Masturbation When Away

    If he is on the road and away from home masturbating becomes even more important for his well being and moral safety, even if he wife is not available to participate, or he just wants to do it solo. A hotel room can be a very lonely place after a long day of high level business, or sales calls. Temptation is ever present. Thank God there is comfort, self nurturing, and physical release through masturbation. And many men work away from home for weeks and months at a time. Denying them this God-given pleasure and release is not just very unnecessary; it seems unusually cruel and even dangerous. God’s way is so much better.

    Solo Masturbation at Home

    And masturbation is a wonderful gift for the married man for whom sex is not as available as he would like. His wife’s libido may not be as strong as his. She does not need or want sex as much as he does. So he stays up a bit after she has gone to bed and masturbates. He masturbates because

    Masturbation Benefit.
Reduces Stress and Physical Tension.
    • he enjoys the pleasure,
    • he wants the release,
    • it relieves the stress of the day,
    • it helps him sleep better that night, and because
    • he loves his wife and does not want to ask for more than she has the grace to give.

    Yes, he would prefer to make love to her. He would even prefer to have a short quickie. But since neither is available tonight he does the next best thing. And God is pleased. This is a provision from the Lord for loving, considerate husbands. Solo masturbation is a great blessing, even in marriage. Each of these scenarios is a legitimate possibility for the use of masturbation in marriage. Masturbation is a blessing in marriage when

    • one partner wants to pleasure the other,
    • when abscent from each other,
    • as a way to connect sexually over the phone or by Skype when apart,
    • or when sex with one’s spouse is inconvenient or just not available.

    In each of these cases it is an unselfish act of love and kind consideration.

    And let’s be truthful; from time to time a man will masturbate simply because that is what he feels like doing. It is not God’s plan for masturbation to be the primary source of sexual pleasure for the married, but as long as our masturbatory habits do not cause us to deprive our spouse of the blessing of sexual intimacy, we are free to do it whenever we want. So go ahead, enjoy!


    Masturbation in Marriage.


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