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    Very few things will add more to the ease and enjoyment your masturbation than toys and tools of the trade. No longer do we have to just use our hand to simulate the effects of a vagina or a mouth on a penis. Today we have a multiplicity of wonderful pleasure producing toys with which to stroke and even to be stroked. The first time you slide your excited penis into a warm and moist Fleshlight, or Tenga Flip Hole, or Tenga Egg is an instant revelation. Wow, Baby, where have you been all my life!

    Do I sound like an enthusiastic advocate of sex toys for men? I certainly am. If you want to transform your moments of private pleasure, I encourage you to invest in a good quality stroker. What suits one man may not suit another, but I can promise you that the exploration will be most enjoyable, and the results will be splendid. Fleshlight Masturbator.
Stamina Training Unit. When technology meets masturbation we discover that living in such a time as this is good; very, very good. Let’s look at some of the toys I have mentioned.

    The Famous Fleshlight

    The Fleshlight tries to imitate the look and feel of a vagina, mouth or anus. For those who prefer to be less obvious, they have the nondescript. Not only are the openings diverse, the channel can be smooth or many different textures, each with its own merits. I own seven different inserts and three cases. Not all textures work as well for me as others. The Stamina Training Unit (STU) may be my favourite, the standard and smooth Pink Lady perhaps being a close second. Millions have been sold and one evening with one will more than explain why.

    Tenga Flip Hole

    The Tenga Flip Hole is one of a number of Japanese designs whose purpose is not to simulate the look and feel of mouth, or vagina, or anus but to simply pleasure an erection the best way possible. This means there is a channel into which you slide your lubricated hard-on, and a variety of soft nibs and ribs that stimulate as you stroke. The effect is very pleasing.

    Tenga Egg

    Tenga Egg.
Inexpensive and Very Effective Masturbation Toy.

    I bought my first Tenga Egg simply out of curiosity. How could something so small and inexpensive, looking so insignificant, be very good at all? Was I ever in for a pleasant surprise. Having achieved excitement I put lube into the soft egg and slipped it over the head of my erect cock.

    Wow. That feels nice.

    I stroked my cock head, and then the shaft with very pleasing effect. This is masturbation by hand, greatly enhanced in a way that adds exquisite pleasure.

    The Tenga Egg also comes in a variety of textures, my favourite being the Spider. I discovered I enjoy the ribs that run horizontally up the inside of the Egg more than those that are positioned vertically.

    It is the most convenient toy and the best value-for-your-dollar. The moisture, the texture, and the movement will bring you unexpected sensations of delight and make what was already a wonderful gift from God even more marvellous.

    Venus 2000

    Venus 2000.
Male Masturbator.

    Going from the cheapest at $10 to the most expensive at close to $1000, some time ago I invested in a Venus 2000. This machine provides what almost every man wants, hands free pleasure. Set up the apparatus, lube up the Receiver, slip it on, and with the occasional adjustment of air pressure and speed you are stroked until you cum.

    These are some of the ones with which I have personal and enjoyable experience. There are many more for you to explore and with which you can enjoy moments of pleasure and delight.

    Have fun!


    Tenga Egg.
How to use a Tenga Egg.


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