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  • Lessons Learned from Christian Nudists

    Yes, there is such a thing as a Christian nudist, or naturist. Men and women who love and serve God with all their hearts who enjoy removing their clothes and being with other people in a social setting, and who certainly enjoy being nude when alone at home and sometimes when hiking on a woodland trail. The feel of the air on bare skin, the delight of the water when skinny dipping, and the experience of seeing and being seen when buck naked in the presence of others.

    Nudists are people who enjoy both seeing and showing the parts that are not usually seen. Men show butt, bird, and balls; women show butt, boobs, and bush; and both do so easily, naturally, and with the same freedom experienced by our original forefathers in the Garden of Eden.

    After all, social nudity was God’s original idea and intent; and there is no indication that it has ever changed. We were created as clothed in our own skin, and nothing more. And in the eyes of God nothing more is necessary.

    Needless to say any conscientious Christian who practices social nudity will do so with intent and having researched the biblical and ethical issues around such a thing. I have learned much about nudity and the issues around it by reading the theology concerning the naturist lifestyle. Here are some of the things I have learned.

    Nude is not Lewd

is not sex,
nor pornograply.

    Not all nudity is sexual. Not all nudity presents an inclination toward sexual immorality. Some of it is just what it is, an unclothed human being sharing with us the beauty of God’s greatest creation, the body of a man or woman. Unadorned, and unashamed - just as God originally intended. It is not lewd or obscene or indecent to be nude, nor is it a sinful or shameful act to see and admire nudity.

    Nakedness is NOT Always Sexual

    It is a false notion that being naked together is automatically sexual. For one thing, all of life, whether clothed or naked, is sexual. There is no getting away from it, neither should we want to. It is a natural, normal, healthy, and godly theme running through all of life. What we do with it is what makes it simply sensual, or sinful. And by sensual I simply mean something that we experience all the time in the area of our five senses.

    Sleep Naked.

    In reality social nudity has very little sex appeal. Clothing is a much more sexual thing than nudity. It is designed to attract attention to our physical form. A woman comes into a room wearing a push up bra, a top with a scoop neck and light enough fabric to subtly reveal the outline of her feminine form, an attractive skirt short enough to show some leg, or a longer dress with a bit of a slit up the side, and having a pleasant simple and tasteful make up. That woman is going to elicit a normal, natural, and totally ok sexual response from the men in that room. In fact, she just may elicit more of that response than she would if she were nude. In movies and on TV sometimes the sexiest thing that happens is the slow and seductive removal of clothing with sexual purposes in mind.

    No, nakedness is not automatically sexual, and even during those times when it does have sexual undertones it is good to embrace it as normal, natural, and the way God intended. It is not something against which we need to struggle. No, simply pause, relax, and enjoy the view. Enjoying the view does not mean we are lusting, not even when we feel desire.

    Already Accepted Social Nudity

    Truth is,
    we already know that
    there is non-sexual nudity,
    and more than that,
    each of us
    already practice it.

    Truth is, we already know that there is non-sexual nudity, and more than that, each of us already practice it. No, you say, you do not? Oh but I think you do. I think you have willingly been in a room with another person, even an attractive person of the opposite sex, and while there you unbuttoned your shirt, lowered your zipper, took off your pants, and removed your underwear. In short, you got naked! Or you removed your blouse, unhooked your bra, took off your skirt and even you panties. And there you were, gloriously naked in front of another human, and one to whom you were not married! In fact, I have even been touched in intimate places, and it has still been ok!

    Both you and I have gone to the doctor and been naked within minutes, and although my physician is pleasant, attractive, young and female it was simple, clean and innocent nudity. The same can be said about showering in a locker room. How wonderful it would be to extend that liberty to the natural and usually non sexual experience of skinny dipping, free of the discomfort of clothes on a hot muggy day.

    Life Study

    Adam and Eve.
Naked in Eden.

    I once visited a life study class with a live nude model. Not only was it non sexual, but the person doing the modeling was stunningly beautiful. I was not aroused, but if I was that would not have been a problem. I would have simply enjoyed the experience and not been obvious about it.

    Biblically Justified

    I am sure that when Isaiah preaching naked for some three years that this was a non sexual event. And it was certainly not sinful for God would not call His prophet to do that which is sinful, or out of line with true modesty and ethics.

    Obviously Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden. “Yes” you say, “but after they sinned they covered themselves with fig leaves.” Indeed they did. But it was not to hide their nakedness from each other, they were husband and wife! They were ashamed before the God whose clear command they had violated. And yes, God killed and animal and covered their bodies. He was sending them out to work hard in a world now full of thistles and thorns.

    Nudity is not Sinful

    Simply put, we can experience nudity and enjoy it not just as entertainment, but as a form of communication and praise for the Lord our creator, just as God intended.

    The Bible simply does not say that it is essential to wear clothes all the time. It does not say it at all. In fact, it is plain to see that God’s original intent was for us to, as one bumper sticker says, “hang out in a garden with some naked vegetarians.” Eh, what better thing to do?



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