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  • Nudism ~ Benefits and Blessings

    There are many benefits to being nude and seeing nudity. It would be good to understand these things for there is much talk of nudity on this site. And I confess that this site does more than say nudity is good. It also advocates the free enjoyment of nudity, and erotica as well. However, let’s take one step at a time.

    Promotes Positive Body Self Image

    God looked at a naked Adam and Eve and said, “It is good.” There is an ancient heresy known as Gnosticism that attributes shame and sinfulness to both creation and our physical bodies, treating them as a hindrance to the spiritual life. This is foolishness. God became a man in Jesus Christ and in so doing incarnationally declared our bodies to be good, and worthy of redemption. He was raised again with a physical body, and so shall we. I am happier naked. We reject the message that our bodies are impure, and say with God when we see our own and others naked self, “It is good.”

    Nudism is a Great Equalizer

    Clothing is quite often used to signal social status. But when nude there are no rich or poor, upper or lower class. So many differences are, quite literally, stripped away. The only differences are the visible ones. One man has a larger penis, or some are circumcised while others are not. Some shave, some are “au natural.” One woman’s breasts sit higher, others are larger, and some have perky little beauties.

    Nudity is a Unifier, Helping Build Community

    It is hard to look dignified while eating a banana. It is also hard to be pretentious while nude. Community is built on openness, transparency, and vulnerability. And what could be a more vulnerable state than standing in each other’s presence with penis and breast in full view? Physical openness can lead to social openness and increased emotional transparency. And these wonderful things can lead to a greater openness to the moving of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

    Nudity is Liberating

    When you shed you clothes you can shed your inhibitions. In our society social nudity it is such a taboo, especially among Christians. But once you make the radical decision to embrace the goodness of it, you can then be emboldened to try other things previously thought unimaginable. Once you have gone nude the possibilities are endless. After all, if someone has seen your penis and balls, or your boobs and bum, what else do you have to fear?

    Nudity Helps You More Fully Experience Nature

    Naturists Like Being Naked.

    To have nothing between you and the sun, the gentle breeze, the refreshing cool water. To feel a breeze on you bum, the sun on your penis, the fresh air on your breasts . . . how very delicious. When we stand in the fresh air without our shirt, it feels so great. When we stand in the fresh air without our shirt and pants, only in underwear or swim trunks, it feels even better. But when we stand in the fresh air with all of our skin exposed to sun and air, it is glorious. No wonder the great Benjamin Franklyn would regularly take what he would call “air baths.” Our poor skin was made to breathe. Let it!

    Truth Frees from the Power of Pornography

    There is great beauty in the truth. When we hear it, read it, or experience it, our souls soar. ~ Matthew Kelly

    THE SPLENDOR OF THE TRUTH shines forth in the works of the Creator, and in a special way, in man, created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). Truth enlightens man's intelligence and shapes his freedom, leading him to know and love God. ~ Saint John Paul II, Veritatis Splendor.

    Truth is beautiful. Jesus said "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32 NASB. Nudity is beautiful. The beautiful truth about nudity frees you from the power of porn. When you know that both being nude and seeing nudity is not just good, but righteous, holy, pure and a delight to God, it makes you free. The guilt is gone. And we can enter pure, naked and unhindered into the glory of God.

    God's truth about nudity
    makes us free, and
    the profound pleasure brought by
    acting on that truth makes our
    freedom even more glorious.

    When you then take that knowledge a step further by actually allowing yourself to freely indulge in that legitimate pleasure, it soon becomes clear that the simple beauty of the naked human form is much more enjoyable than the sordidness of pornography. Not only does God's truth about nudity make us free, the profound pleasure brought by acting on that truth makes our freedom even more glorious. So the answer to pornography is not less nudity, but more. Seeing more, and enjoying our own more.

    Nudity is sacred. Being nude is sacred. Seeing nudity is sacred. Enjoying that sacredness totally changes our perspective on the body. And if we have the pleasure and privilege of savoring this sacredness with others, where we can honestly enjoy not just their company but also the unhindered view of female breasts, and butts, and bush, and male cock and balls and butt, it totally demystifies the human form and normalises what God originally intended as a common every day glorious sight.

    Nudity Improves Marital Lovemaking

    While being nude and seeing other people nude will always provoke some sexual response we soon discover that our primary attraction to our husband or wife is much more than just physical. It is physical, emotional, and spiritual. The more we are exposed to nudity the deeper our spousal reltionship becomes.

    Nudity Can Make You Feel Better About Your Own Body

    As you peruse the internet you can find lots of beautiful nudity. There are woman with perfect breasts and behinds, men with large well formed (and sometimes very large!) penis and balls; enough to make the best of us feel insecure about our own bodies. But, rather than just look for that style of nudity, look also at sites that feature social nudity. There you will find the same as you find in any nudist setting - both men and women with very, very imperfect bodies. Actually being on a nudist beach you soon learn that most of us just don’t look all that spectacular when nude. Men worry about getting erections, until you actually get there. Comparison with reality is always better than comparison with air brushed fantasy. Not to say there is anything wrong with enjoying the view of more perfect than usual nudes.

    But enough from me. There is a plethora of sites which describe the many benefits of social nudism. Here are a few more.

    Get Naked.

    Nudity As A Mean To An End

    This short article gives several reasons social nudity is good:

    • Nudism Blurs Lines of Social Distinction
    • Social Nudity Engenders Respect
    • Nudity in Nature Produces a Great Sense of Freedom

    Our Sun Home - Christian Nudist

    A distinctly Christian site gives another great list:

    • Body Acceptance.
    • Body Demystification.
    • People Acceptance.
    • Age Acceptance.
    • Creation Awareness.
    • Communication Expansion.
    • Pornography Prevention.
    • Deepening Of Relationships.

    I am a Nudist.



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