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  • Nudity and the Radical Life of the Prophets

    There were times when the Holy Spirit moved on his Prophets to take off all their clothes . . . in public! And the Holy Spirit never, ever asked anyone to do anything sinful. In fact in the Word of God social nudity is the ultimate demonstration of the core spiritual principles of the prophetic life.

    The nakedness of the
    Old Testament prophets provides
    the perfect picture of how
    prophets, and all of us,
    are called to live today.

    The Bible tells us our bodies are sacred. In getting nude the Prophets were not exposing their shame, but their sacredness. They were called to the ultimate of openness and transparency and freedom. The nakedness of the Old Testament prophets provides the perfect picture of how prophets are called to live today. I believe their social nudity provides a picture of how God wants all of us as a prophetic people to live.

    All things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13

    Spiritual Nudity

    Prophets are called to live naked. They are called to live free from

    • the desire for gain,
    • the fear of loss,
    • the impulse to hide, and
    • the need to prove.

    If Prophets do anything less they will become ineffective, and impotent. This means living with no ambition, no covetousness, no justification, no shame, no possessiveness, and no ego. We may not fully get there, but it is good to take off as much of the social and emotional fabric with which we clothe ourselves as we can. After all, these things are only fig leaves.

    Free from the Desire for Gain

    If I live free from the Desire for Gain I am not polluted with ambition. I do not want a position, possessions, or power. I am free from covetousness for I do not want more than what God would give. God has provided for me just as He provided for Adam and Eve in the Garden. All the food they could possibly want, and a climate that was so temperate they needed no covering other than their beautiful skin. Yes, there are things that I want. I want to be liked. Adam and Eve,
Sewing Fig Leaves. I want to have favor. I know I need to be honored. And I sure do enjoy having money and things. But if I have all of those things in God and from those who know me and love me in God, I can live free of the need to so organize my life that people will give them to me because I have manipulated the circumstances and their emotions in such a way that they will be generous with them. That can be spiritual witchcraft. I can either be who I am in God, and do what I am called to do, and expect Him to incline people’s hearts toward me, or I can be a spiritually correct ass kissing people pleaser trying to curry favor for myself. Yikes! What bondage. What foolishness - fig leaves. Sewing together the fig leaves of flattery, compromise, and lies.

    So let me stand before you, totally naked and unashamed. Not just transparent. Naked! I am trying to gain nothing from you. And I am free from the need to gain the favor of man. How you feel toward me is governed by God, not gained by me. Hallelujah!

    God does not want us to so live that we gain favor - He wants to give us favor!

    Sometimes we just need to stop being so damn careful!

    Free from the Fear of Loss

    If I live free from the Fear of Loss there is nothing anyone can take away from me that will affect me. I am free in a way few humans could know or understand. I own nothing. I am naked so you cannot take away my clothing, my covering of ego and ambition, or my place and possessions. God provides for all my needs.

    We clothe ourselves with so many sewn together fig leaves; the fig leaf of good appearance, the fig leaf of reputation, the fig leaf of shame, the fig leaf of ego. None of these things are necessary. We need to do as the prophets of old and strip ourselves bare before God, and before people.

    Free from the Impulse to Hide

    If I live free from the Impulse to Hide I live without shame. When past or present sin is covered up, it causes shame. When sin is covered by the blood, we are shame free.

    Man Wearing Fig Leaf.

    I will not hide my imperfect past. Yes, I have sinned. But the lamb was slain, the blood was shed, I repented and Jesus covered it all. I do not need to stand before you covered in a loincloth of denial and excuses I have sewn together. I can stand before you naked and unashamed, letting you see the parts of me that are usually not seen, the secret parts of my life. Jesus paid the price and I am free, free from the compulsion to sin, and free from the shame of my past sins. And that part of me that was once so horrible and full of shame, whether it is my sexuality, my ego, or my greed, has been redeemed and is shameful no more. You can look at those parts of my life. If you look at them you will have to look through the Blood of Jesus, and in seeing the Blood you will see God’s grace, His righteousness, and His glory. God looked at Adam and Eve, in their naked and unashamed state and said, “It is good.” No shame in their nakedness. So here I am, not just redeemed from the curse but naked and unashamed before you.

    What about present sin that causes shame? That feeling of shame is appropriate. But there is a simple solution. Stop. Repent. Ask God for the strength to walk in victory. Get inner healing to help with the compulsions. Quit fornicating. Quit stealing. Quit lying.

    It takes a whole lot of energy to hide who we are. So don’t. They are going to find out soon enough anyway.

    Free from the Need to Prove

    I live free from the Need to Prove myself to anyone. God is my advocate. When those with the need to prove are in a cultural or church situation they will observe the social and spiritual norms and then adapt. They will dress like most people dress, talk like most people talk, think like most people think, and act like most people act. But when they do they can cease to be the unique and glorious person God made them to be. They become just another reflection of the religious environment. Where is the prophetic lifestyle in all of that?

    If I live free from the Need to Prove I am not going to be justifying myself all the time. I will not try to measure up to your image of what a spiritual person is like. And I will not try to be a “great man of God.”

    Those living with the Need to Prove often have divided vision - one eye on God and the other eye on other people. That sounds exhausting.

    Living without the Need to Prove is so freeing. Here I stand, naked before you, not wearing the clothing of reputation with all my metals on display - my glorious heritage of many years of serving God, the battles I have fought, my spiritual linage, my great accomplishments of the past, the churches I have pastored. No, I have nothing to prove to you. I am naked, and I am free. I am not trying to prove I am spiritual or mighty in God or a great prophet. My identity is secure. I am a child of God, a son of the King. That is all I am and I need nothing more.

    “Hey Adam, if God mean for us to be naked we would have been born that way!”

    Yes “naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return” to God.

    Fig Leaves of Reputation

    Like Jesus we are to be of no reputation. He was the greatest Apostle, the most powerful and accurate Prophet, and most effective Evangelist, the most compassionate and caring Pastor, and the most proficient Teacher who ever lived. His business card said none of those things. And He carried credentials with no one.

    The prophets nakedness was
    a return to the original Adamic
    or Edenic state of purity,
    holiness, and innocence.

    The proof of the pudding is not in my credentials, not in my reputation, not in who I tell you I am, or who you think I am; it is in the fruit of my ministry. In the natural, fruitfulness comes from that which is usually covered, the genitals. In the spiritual, fruitfulness comes from that which is exposed and made manifest.

    The prophets were always stripping off their clothes. Their nakedness was not one of shame, or exhibitionism, or sexual immodesty. Their nakedness was a return to the original Adamic or Edenic state of purity, holiness, and innocence. Some have said that Adam and Eve in the Garden were clothed by the Glory of God. How silly. They do not understanding the original purity of the human condition. The Word of God, which is a much more reliable reference than failed human reasoning, says that they were simply naked and unashamed.

    Get Naked!

    Get Naked.

    There is no more radical transparency than nudity. What you see is what you get.

    There is no more radical message than nudity. It sure gets the attention of the audience and it declares more powerfully than words could possibly do what the Lord wants to say.

    There is no more radical lifestyle than that of a nudist, natural or spiritual.

    God is calling forth an army of prophets to be spiritual nudists and to walk naked through this land. They are called to walk among God’s people with nothing to gain, nothing to lose, nothing to hide, nothing to prove . . . in other words, to walk in total transparency and freedom.

    For much too long we have been a people who want to get something, to keep something, to hide something, and desperately needing to be seen as something or somebody. Whether we are called to be prophets or not we are called to be a prophetic people. We are all invited to skinny dip in the River of the Spirit.

    “Hey, who’s preaching tonight?”


    “Oh, isn’t he that naked preacher?”

    God Means for us to be Naked Before Him.



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