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  • The Problem with Playboy

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    For some 60 years men have been buying Playboy, reading the articles, and enjoying the nudes. It has been a pioneer in the field of publishing, breaking barrier after barrier after barrier. Of course it has never been a magazine anyone put on display in their home. No, it is regulated to the bottom drawer or the secret stash out in the garage. For some this is because of a sense of shame, for others simple common sense and propriety. These days few outside the church and certain feminist circles give Playboy a second thought as to it being good or evil, right or wrong. It is accepted as a part of our social Playboy Bunny.
Jenny MaCarthy. fabric and for some Hugh Hefner is a cultural icon.

    And just what is the problem with Playboy anyway? This magazine with centerfolds and sensual nudity founded and produced by a man raised in a Christian home. You are reading these words on a website all about the enjoyment of nudity and erotica. Can Playboy be all that bad?

    The problem with Playboy is not in the nude pictures or the fact that the nude pictures are used during masturbation. Dare I say it, but perhaps the Lord wanted those social norms as to what is fit to print and not to be challenged. Perhaps he wanted prudery regarding the female form to be overcome and eliminated. If wanking to nude images is ok, then the publishing of those images must be ok as well. So then, what could be the problem?

    Advocate of Immorality

    The real problem with Playboy is not when it is an aid to masturbation, but when it is an advocate of an immoral lifestyle. Had it merely maintained its place as a source of inspiration for solo sex, all would be well. But it did not. Yes, Playboy assists men everywhere in their wanking. But Playboy also advocates the ongoing pursuit of casual sex, of sex outside of marriage. The good life becomes one of hedonism; wine, women and song. This is so-called sophistication where the pursuit of pleasure is paramount. The real problem with Playboy is in the lifestyle it promotes and the fantasy it promises.

    Is the nudity a problem? Nah, not so much.



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