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    No Porn.

    It seems to me that some explanation and disclaimers are in order.

    All images on this site are of models age 18 plus and were collected from free photo sharing sites on the internet. I have made free and liberal use of various Tumblr.com sites, Google image search, as well as several Yahoo groups. The images are displayed here for educational and inspirational purposes, and to illustrate the Biblical truths being presented. Like the Bible this site contains nudity and erotica. It does not contain “porn.”

    18 Plus.

    Common Language

    In describing body parts I will use common language, but not gutter talk. A penis will, at times, be called a cock, and a woman’s genitals may be called a pussy. I will do so and (believe it or not!) I will explain the Biblical reasons why. But there are other terms I will not use. These terms are more appropriate to a porn site, and demean rather than edify. If engaging in “dirty talk” is part of your marital love life that is between you and your spouse, and God. It will not be featured here.


    As unorthodox as its material and the approach to that material may be, this is still a Christian ministry site. It is not a business. The purpose for this site is found in the heart of God and the pages of His Holy Word, the Bible. As a ministry site it is not for profit. Although there are links to other sites featuring nudity and erotica, including pay sites, these are not income generating links. I have chosen to do this site free of all financial gain, and all expenses are paid out of my own pocket.

    The theme of this ministry is found in Galatians 5:1.

    Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again in a yoke of bondage.

    Nudity and Erotica, but No Vulgarity

    While I show total nudity and erotica, there are images I will not show. I will not show any image that I consider less than beautiful, or not in keeping with the dignity of our bodies or the person depicted. In the female section there are no open crutch shots. In the erotica section I show the beauty of sexual love, but refrain from gymnastic sex, “facials”, and anything that depicts sinful activity. That section is all about a husband and a wife enjoying each other sexually in the bonds of holy matrimony - making love and expressing holy passion for each other. Nothing more, and nothing less. This site definitely does not feature anything that could be described using the vulgarities of “screwing” or “f---ing”.

    As I have said, to access the erotica you have to click the designed link on certain pages, but if even the idea of seeing nudity bothers your conscience or violates your personal sense of right and wrong, it would be wise to proceed no further. If you still would like to consider the concepts presented, I remind you of the following notice, which I present on each and every page.



    If you would prefer
    to enjoy the content of this site
    in a shorter version without the nudity and erotica,
    I invite you to visit the text edition at

    Christians, Nudity and Erotica

    Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

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